A specialist workforce, made to measure - now that's an idea!

Students in cooperative education are the answer to…

  • The growing qualification demands in business
  • The decreasing number of junior employees
  • Quicker production and distribution processes
  • A shorter half-life for products, services and knowledge
  • Fluctuating requirements for qualifications and applicant profiles

Companies and trade associations work in direct collaboration with a university in the region in order to develop cooperative study programmes to assist you in effectively tackling the challenges currently posed by the job market:

Your company will receive employees who not only have academic qualifications, but who also have practical experience with your products and services and are even integrated into your company!

You'll have qualified junior employees at your company from an early stage and, in the long term, you'll become more attractive for graduates who, in other circumstances, wouldn't complete a vocational training within a company.

In a nutshell: you'll get the junior staff you need!

Click here for a short video with a company representative on the dual study programme.